AGAINST LAB 网站现接收支付宝以及各大信用卡,银行转账在线支付。
AGAINST LAB 网站现接收支付宝以及各大信用卡,银行转账在线支付。


by AGAINST LAB on May 23, 2017
“What is Paradise?” The voyage that initiated the curatorship of this compilation stemmed from the eternal quest to discover: Paradise and how to fulfill the never-ending hunger to satiate the penultimate sensation of satisfaction?


We have lain our path with four (“4”) tee-shirts, one (“1”) worker shirt, two (“2”) caps, two (“2”) two-way bags, a unique mug and a leather belt in collaboration with ‘Utile’ to initiate and tease our quest-heroes in their progress for the answer. These specially crafted Eden-inspired floral delicacies are small jigsaw pieces to inspire the imagination to a higher understanding. Special shoutouts to the talented graphic designer, MUNTASIR MOHAMED for some of the graphic works for this collection. Crafted from mortal material and fashioned to stimulate the immortal visions of Shangri-La. Find your divine grove in our little pieces of paradise.


The collection will be released online ; in-store at the pop up shop at HUNDRED% LOT 10 on 25th May 2017.