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AGAINST LAB 网站现接收支付宝以及各大信用卡,银行转账在线支付。


by AGAINST LAB on February 08, 2020

The 'Menage' collection is inspired by the importance of Family in our life, and how they play such a big role in forming our personalities. When Shawn (Co-founder of AGAINST) was staying in his old rented apartment, he noticed that his Chinese neighbours held a family praying session every Wednesday night without fail. Coincidentally, when they moved out, new tenants (a Vietnamese family), continued the tradition every Wednesday night. These sessions brought together family and friends to share the same space and it filled it up with positive hopeful vibrations.

'Menage' explores the idea of how the individuals that make an "AGAINST family unit" would look like. The mother preferring take-outs because she hates cooking. Dad's computer folder collection consists of Urahara streetwear photos to ankle breaker compilations. A son that's too wise for his age, giving out quotes like "Pace Yourself, Life's a Marathon" while the youngest princess is a manipulative psycho. Somewhere out there, there's a family like this. This one's for them.