AGAINST LAB 网站现接收支付宝以及各大信用卡,银行转账在线支付。
AGAINST LAB 网站现接收支付宝以及各大信用卡,银行转账在线支付。


by Gwee RenKai Eric on November 21, 2023

AGAINST strongly upholds the value of individualism. We firmly believe that every person is a unique representation of themselves. With this in mind, we are presenting our latest brand editorial, titled "Essences".

The "Essences" Editorial focuses on capturing the unique qualities of each individual, celebrating their individualism. To bring this concept to life, we've extended invitations to some of our friends and family, allowing them to explore our archival items and style them in a manner that truly reflects their personal style.

Photos by : Wen Hao , Videos by : Daniel 
Special Thanks : Louis, Ted, Jeremy, Phyn, Limberly, Olivia