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AGAINST LAB 网站现接收支付宝以及各大信用卡,银行转账在线支付。


by AGAINST LAB on February 08, 2020

We've teamed up with Futuremade Studio for a special Fall / Holiday collection. Both brands are unlikely allies, and we differ entirely in direction and aesthetics. The similarities we share are not many but they are profound : We were bred in the same hometown and have shared a mission of putting Malaysia on the map through good products. Different battle cries, same battlefield. We've combined the best of both brands to give you the "Made In The Future" collection.


The collection draws inspiration from the world war era and combines that with a futuristic imagination. "What would a war look like in the future?"


The designs juxtapose our signature graphic style with the cut and sew prowess of Futuremade Studio. The collection features 3 graphic tees, 2 cut and sew trainer tee, 1 Two-Tone hoodie as well we the highlight piece which is the reversible bomber jacket. It it our first time producing a heavy warm jacket that features a "Future World War Map" where we replace the maps with robots.