AGAINST LAB 网站现接收支付宝以及各大信用卡,银行转账在线支付。
AGAINST LAB 网站现接收支付宝以及各大信用卡,银行转账在线支付。

abp. Stream Tee V2 Lookbook

by Shawn Tan on October 06, 2021
AGAINST LAB. has teamed up with Phyn Studio for a collaboration sub line titled 'abp', acronym of "AGAINST BY PHYN". Coming off the heels of their previous up-cycling joint effort (taking old pieces from the AGAINST archive and repurposing them into new silhouettes) the two labels have decided to build upon the patterns used for their previous collaboration and create an entirely fresh collection from it.
This time around, 'abp' will debut with STREAM TEE V2 as the first product. The inspiration originally came from the notion that consumers spend more on sneakers than clothing. Using the Nike Air Max 97 (AM97) as a reference point, they have incorporated both straight and streamlined sewing patterns synonymous with the sneakers into the structure of the t-shirts.
The differences from the previous collection is that this time it used three fabrics of the same colour but different materials. In addition, this product has also added a brand new 'abp' logo woven badge. The badge is located on the reverse side of the t-shirt, and only the stitching can be seen on the front. Consumers can selectively wear the reverse side as the front to achieve two different visual effects.